It’s almost a misnomer these days to speak in terms of transitioning to the cloud. Nearly everyone is already there, whether they know it or not. If you use Gmail, Dropbox, Workday, Quickbooks Online or, you’re accessing a cloud service. Many people can’t even tell the difference between what’s local and what’s on a server in a remote data center.

There are lingering perceptions that the cloud is not secure, but the reality is that cloud service providers are well aware of the negative effects that a security incident could have on their reputations. So more often than not, they take the time to build thorough security measures. This means that by using cloud services, a small to midsize business (SMB) shares the resources and scale of companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google, who all sell cloud services. They provide the security tools most SMBs can’t support on their own. Therefore, the greater risk is human error, caused by users who are unfamiliar with proper security practices. With that in mind, here are five ways SMBs can stay safer in the cloud.

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