IT and security infrastructure are at a crossroads. With the current technological advancements in cloud, IoT and the “as a Service” model, there is a continued blurring of where one product, service or platform ends and another begins. With the introduction of the cloud began the slow erosion of the classic network perimeter. Now IoT is taking it to a new level by connecting a diverse set of systems into the mix. Widespread adoption of these technologies ultimately begs the question: what is a mission critical system?

Devices are no longer isolated. It is nearly impossible to measure the effect that using or abusing each piece of a system will have on a business or user’s experience. For security teams, this increasingly blurred ecosystem made up of emerging vulnerabilities and opaque IT infrastructure brings to light serious concerns. If security operations’ core purpose is to ensure that business operations remain within acceptable risk posture, how should the security operations center (SOC) determine which aspects of a network require the most attention? And with so many distributed endpoints, what is the most feasible method for securing that network?

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