Champions have many similar characteristics, none of which are defined by their talents. That is what the founder of The Umonics Method, Sancy Suraj, believes.

Sancy Suraj is a memory athlete from Singapore. He held the world record for the longest colour sequence memorised and also holds the Singapore record for pi recitation.

His company is now training preschooler’s to break memory records. Mine you, these are 4-6-year-old kids.

What does it take to become a memory champion? The mystery is so simple and basic yet is neglected by most. Success in and out of mental sports is directly related to how willing you are to get outside of your own comfort zone. 

On the track to greatness, why do some become champions while others fall short? Coaches, parents, and aspiring memory athletes have all sought to answer this question.

In their quest for the path to greatness, some believe that the path should be smoothed of all obstacles, while some say that such difficulties are necessary to talent development. Now, a recent scientific study suggests that what really distinguishes champions is how they face and defeat such obstacles.

There are universal psychological traits amongst those who are aspiring to get to the top. It is not the innate talent, the physical gifts or the training advantages that classify the best from all the rest.

It is rather the simple habit of getting comfortable being uncomfortable that drives a memory athlete to do just a little bit more or put it that little more effort than everyone else, to go a little harder, memorize a little faster, make that more sacrifice, etc.

These memory athletes and coaches are never satisfied with solely doing a good job. They are constantly looking for the competitive edge, for a better way, for a new perspective that the opponent hasn’t yet thought of. Simply put, these people don’t just do their best. They are victorious because they do whatever it takes! 

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