There are many theories on what propelled Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea (DPRK) to tone down the bellicose rhetoric and meet at the Inter-Korean Peace House in Panmunjom with President Moon Jai-en of South Korea (ROK) in March 2018. They range from a natural catastrophe at the DPRK’s nuclear research facility to the weight of the economic sanctions levied against the DPRK was taking its toll.

Let me add one more to the mix. It was the defection to the west of a high-level DPRK official who has knowledge of DPRK’s activities against the west. An individual whose knowledge of both nuclear cyber and intelligence efforts being pursued by the DPRK may have been of sufficient weight to tip the proverbial scales. Put more simply, his hole cards were showing, and Kim Jong Un doesn’t know who has seen them.

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